Take it easy

College is hard, and stressing out about your essay isn't going to make it any better. Don't rush it. You can work on it later. Take your time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Skim through the essay prompt

Slowly, go over the question, word by word. Let it sink in. This will make you feel prodcutive, and that's what counts. So that's enough for the day.

Take a nap

You deserve it. Sleep for an hour or twenty, whatever you feel like. You need to be well rested for all the future hard work, aka procrastinating.

Don't Panic

Even though the quickly approaching deadline sounds terrifying, don't panic. Stay chill. Only calm and focused will you be able to write that philoslothical paper.

Get a grip on things

Prepare yourself, because this is what always puts me to sleep. Take out your prompt again, but this time, as tedious as it sounds, you have to actually start planning and doing things.


Scribble your thoughts down on a piece of paper, draw a diagram, type out a list, whatever. But let's be honest, you probably put everything off till last minute, so skip this step and go straight onto the next one.

Just write

Slowly but surely type everything that comes to your mind. Let it all out. Resist wasting your time on editing at this point and use it to get some snacks.


If there's an unlikely chance that you have some energy left, read over your writing and fix whatever sounds meh. If not, you can always ask your buddy to read for you while you relax. Pro tip: to catch non-contextual mistakes like spelling, read your essay backwards. That way, your mind focuses on the words themselves instead of the meaning. Ain't nobody got time for that though.


Turn your paper in and exhale. You did it. Now, time to celebrate and partaaay (aka sleep).